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Our mission is to deliver healthy, fresh homemade food to everyone.

Selling food from home

Omelet is the best APP to sell food online in the Netherlands. Join our community and create your own cooking job from home.

We are building the biggest community for local chefs in the Netherlands. In case you are looking for a realiable platform to sell your homemade meals, you have come to the right place.

Work as a chef from home

Have you been looking for online cooking jobs in the Netherlands? Do you want to become a chef?

With Omelet you will be able to beceome a freelance cook. Whether you are looking for a part time chef job or a full time cooking job, this is your place. We will help you to set up your own home based food business.

With Omelet APP, selling home cooked food to the public is easy. We will guid you how to make it legal in the Netherlands and how to obtain the license to sell food from home if you decided to be a home cook chef as your permanent jobs.

On top, in our community there is room for all kind of chefs: from the very entry level cooks to the most experienced chefs. And you are included as well!

What advantages does it have?

Becoming a freelance chef is an amazing profession. You will be able to cook from home to sell, you will be able to manage your time, you will be able to cook when you want, suplement it with another job, and reach the perfect balance between private and professional life.

With Omelet APP you will be able to become a personal chef and work remotely as a cook selling food from home.

On top, unlike many restaurants who require sophisticated cooking knowledge, in Omelet you will be creating your own home cook job. No need for difficult cooking techniques, you will be selling authentic homemade meals from home.

On top, you don’t need any expensive equipment, nor studies. Just a normal kitchen, lots of passion for cooking and this is it! An the best of all, you will not have a boss!

APP for selling home cooked food

With Omelet APP you will be able to sell everything you can cook at home, provided it is well cooked, healthy and of a good quality.

You will be able to sell sandwhiches for lunch, sell dinners, sell cookies or even sell cakes from home. In general you will be able to sell home cooked food in its widest sense.