Promote homemade meals

Learn how to use our community to promote homemade meals and increase your sales. Let people know what you cook and find more customers to increase your income.

We will teach you how to promote your meals through social networks, how to be different from other chefs and how to respond to customers’ demand to make them happy! Join our Facebook and Instagram community and stay connected.

Find the perfect name for homemade meals

Use Google to be sure

Each time you have a new meal and you don’t really know how to name it, you must make sure you are using words which are known by your clients as well.

The best thing to do is searching with Google the name you have in mind. if Google provides no results, nor provides you other synonims it means you should rather change the description name: no one is using it!

You can also use Google Images to check that your food corresponds to what the general audience expect. Make sure clients see what they expect and do not let a misunderstanding ruin your sales!

In this example Google is telling us “tanori” does not exist and we shall rather use the name “Tandoori”. Use this new name!


Look for existing recipes

Look into the Omelet APP and look for other recipes from other chefs. If many chefs are using the same name, try to be more specific.

For example you might be trying to sell tuna omelet and you just found out many chefs around you are selling the same meal with the same title “tuna omelet”. Then differentiate yourself by mentionning your secret ingredient “tuna omelet with onions”.

In case you have no ideas, go to internet and look for recipes. There are many websites whith wornderful recipes which might give the needed inspiration.

[Tuna Omelet]

As you can see, adding “melt”, “cheese” or “puffy” to the description might be the differentiation you are looking for. Be Unique!

Promote your homemade meals in social networks

Social Networks such as Facebook or Instagram are very useful to promote your homemade meals.

We will tell you how to make the most of it.

Use your social networks

Take good pictures of your meals and upload them into your Facebook and Instagram. Try to use good description and provide representative #hastags.

Do not only take pictures of the food, take picture of the kitchen and even you can upload easy videos of yourself explaining how you do it and why. Sharing your passion for the food.

However this might not be enough and you might look for additional promotion. You can use our network to do so.

Use Omelet APP social network to promote your meals

Everytime you upload a picture of your meals or a video of yours, you can post it to us. Put the hashtag #OmeletAPP and all our clients will be able to find it.

On top, if you post it with our #OmeletAPP will take the picture and promote it ourself into our netowrk so all the customers know there is a wonderfull chef ready to cook such a delicious meal!.

Stay connected

OmeletAPP is providing you with a chef community online, via social networks and telegram groups. We are active on Facebook, Instagram and Telegram and we will be posting updated on how to help the chefs to improve, to sell more or just to be more efficient.

The added value of a coomunity is you will not only be relying on OmeletAPP to help you. Instead many experienced chefs will be willing to help you as well. Help us to make our chef comunity grow!

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