Ontdek onze thuiskoks

Met Omelet App vind je tientallen lokale thuiskoks met een passie voor koken. Zij koken elke dag met veel plezier voor alle afhalers en bestellers van Omelet.

Passie voor koken

Onze thuiskoks maken elke dag de beste authentieke maaltijden. Huisgemaakt, gezond en vers. En het mooie is, soms hoef je alleen een blokje om te lopen voor een heerlijke originele maaltijd.

Heb je al trek gekregen? Bekijk direct alle thuiskoks in de buurt:

Elke chef is uniek

Ontdek de diversiteit en variëteit van ons groep thuiskoks. Thuiskoks zijn gespecialiseerd in vele soorten gerechten, ingrediënten en kookstijlen.
Ze koken originele Turkse, Italiaanse, Koreaanse, Indiase of andere gerechten. Met tal van smaak en met eigen kruidenmixen. Ook koken vele chefs vegetarisch, veganistisch of halal.

Leer onze chefs kennen, ze hebben allen een verhaal te vertellen

Hi, my name is Cobi and I am 33 years old. I live with my boyfriend and daughter in Leidsche Rijn – Hoge Weide. In daily life I am a flight attendant but when I am on the “floor” I prefer to be in the kitchen.
I make all kinds of things; from curries to stew and happiest I am enjoying my meals as anyone else! So I hope you will enjoy it too; at work, at home, alone or with family / friends.
Kind regards, Home chef Coobster

Eating is intimate and sensual. By sharing food, people connect. My home made meals are simple, balance in taste and colorful yet fresh recipes.
Usually I cook Taiwanese and Japanese dishes due to my background, sometimes Korean is on my list too.I love to feed people, share my passion for food and welcome them into my world of cooking.

I’m a 24 year old Mexican chef and pastry chef with a degree in Gastronomy and also graduated from Le Cordon Bleu.
I’ve lived in 6 different countries where I was able to grow professionally and personally and now I’m currently working as a pastry chef here in Utrecht.
Food is my passion, it brings me joy to make people happy with my dishes.

My name is Juan Pablo and I am from Guatemala, living in Utrecht since 2005. My first steps in
The kitchen was as a little boy with my mother and grandmother. I have been in the hospitality industry for several years
worked, in Guatemala, Spain and the Netherlands. I am a natural foodie who tries to cook
using organic ingredients as much as possible, I love herbs, new ingredients, too
discover, merge them, and turn them into elements of a tasty dish. I
am here to share what I love most, which is cooking. I hope you enjoy the dishes that I make for my family and you.

My name is İrem and I moved from Turkey two years ago and have been working as an ex-pat and enjoying my life in the Netherlands.
I am a fone of Turkish cuisine and enjoy cooking healthy and delicious dishes.
I learned cooking from my mother (Hülya Erol), a famous cook and dish researcher, and a writer in Turkey.

“Hello taste-lovers!
I am a 38 year old Indonesian who I recently moved back to Utrecht. I have lived in Indonesia, the US, and the Netherlands and because of my upbringing I love to bake pies, as well as cooking a wide range of Southeast Asian and pan-American influenced foods. Cooking and baking have always played a big part in my life.
At 12 years old I already spent hours experimenting in the kitchen. I still love experimenting with different recipes and bold flavors everyday, and I love to share this joy! Please let me know how you liked my dishes. With love from my kitchen,” Ayu

I like to cook from different cuisines, with a preference for North African and Indonesian cuisine. I don’t use ready-made packages, many of my marinades and bumbu are made with the help of a mortar and pestle.
My travels through Asia, North Africa, Central America, Southern Europe and Turkey have inspired me and this is clearly reflected in my offer and menu.

I am an outdoorsy girl who loves sports and creating healthy recipes! I always start my day with a tasty and nutritious breakfast to keep me energized through my morning workout.
I really enjoy sunny days at the beach and breathing the fresh breeze of the sea. I am also a boardgames enthusiast!

Hi, I’m Bregje van den Brand from Utrecht. Ever since I can remember fond of good food & cooking. And in order to be able to do that (even) better, I have also received a diploma independent working cook for a while now. I now cook takeaways about 2 to 3 times a week for an ever-growing group of neighborhood and city-dwellers. The dishes on my menu are very diverse, and you could describe them as ‘classics from all over the world’. Fresh, vegetarian and above all: delicious!

I am Hameeda and I cook Indian, Pakistani and Afghan traditional dishes.
Originally from Pakistan I moved to the Netherlands in 2017. I enjoy living in Utrecht and have been able to meet many different people by cooking.

In Utrecht I cooked Indian dishes in food events and community centers and the local people love it.
That’s why I started cooking for Omelet, to serve my dishes to more and more neighbours.
So you also can taste the great flavors of the traditional dishes.My recommendation? I personally love Biryani

I’m originally from Bangkok and have lived here in NL for more than 15 years. From time to time I’d miss the sweets and pastry like we have in Asia.
You can get cakes and cookies anywhere I know, but the not the flavours I love. And so… I decided to make my own. This way, beside getting my cravings satisfied, I get to choose the ingredient and experiment with mixing my favourite flavours.
Furthermore, I also use some sweeteners in my sweets just so that I don’t feel too guilty about it. Since I always make more than i can finish within a few days, i hope I can share them with you foodies here.

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