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With Omelet APP you will be able to order real, authentic homemade meals with traditional recipes. Find local chefs near you and order direclty from them.

Delicious home cooked meals for you and your family. You can have your meals delivered to your doorstep or you can just pick them up! The very same day.

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Sell your homemade meals online

Do you live in the Netherlands and have a passion for cooking? Would you like to sell your homemade meals online? Working as a chef is an amazing profession with many advantages : work from, financial independence, balance between personal and professional life, etc.

Join our community and learn what you need to become a chef, how to sell to our platform, how to promote your own meals and how to work legally and safely.

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Know more about homemade food

What is homemade cuisine?

Home cooked meals are food cooked and prepared in a domestic kitchen, with domestic ingredients and following traditional recipes.

Unlike restaurants and caterings, homemade cuisine does not make use of advanced prefessional techniques, ingredients and recipes. Instead, a domestic chef follows the same traditional and standard techniques you use when you cook for yourself or your family. Homemade cuisine is thought for the daily life, though to be healthy, balanced and light in order to fullfil the nutritional needs of the people living under the same roof.

Why homemade food is healthy?

Studies have shown homemade food contain more vegetables, better balanced carbohydrates and proteins, less refined sugar and much less fat than any other meal.

On top, home cooked meals do not contain artificial preservatives, colouring nor flavor enhancers which might harm you in the long term.

What is the difference between homemade food and restaurant food?

Homemade meals are thought to be eaten on a daily basis. Conversely, restaurant food is designed for a wide audience’s sporadic consumption; made to maximize flavor, smell and aspect for a specific occasion.
Restaurant food does not need to comply with a healthy daily diet nor needs to be well balanced.
Unlike homemade meals, restaurant food has too much sugar and salt, and contains other ingredients not recommended for long term consumption.

Not cooking doesn’t involve a restaurant any more. Register now and enjoy real home cooked meals!

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Still want to know more about homemade food and our procedures? Do you have questions about safety and quality? Do you have special nutrinional requirements and want to ask us directly?

Homemade meal ideas

Get the best ideas

You are passionate about home cooking and looking for inspiration? You are most welcome to our Omelet Homemade food community.

In Omelet community there are dozens of chefs around you willing to share their passion with you.

Get meal ideas on the APP

If you still need more inspiration, you can always browse our APP for new homemade meals and ideas. See what people around you are cooking and get a feeling of the general cooking trend.

Get meal ideas from Instagram

You can also get new ideas directly from Instagram and Facebook. You are most welcome if you want to share your dishes and meals! Our community is for all food lovers who love home cooked food.