Omelet by Pattern & Noise

Shake, rattle & roll!

Omelet is an incredibly realistic egg shaker for iPhone and iPod touch.

Using high-precision motion data from the accelerometer Omelet is able to respond realistically to every movement - from the slightest roll to the quickest shake.

“Cracking!” —

Not your average egg shaker

Not only is Omelet a great sounding shaker, it also comes with two original built-in effects that can be used individually or together.



Mu is a unique resonating effect capable of generating a diverse range of evocative sounds and textures. Its rich yet subtle tones vary from scratchy, wood-like sounds to eerie metallic ringing sounds reminiscent of Tibetan singing bowls.

Blue Room

Blue Room

Blue Room follows in the tradition of classic 60s echo chamber effects - simulating anything from tight corridors to huge cavernous spaces. Go easy for a softer sound while jamming along with your iPod, or crank it up and be transported to soundscapes from another world.

That's not all!

Just a few other things that make Omelet such a rockin' shaker -

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